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About Us

Modern Slavery Statement

Modern Slavery Statement


Section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act (2015) requires commercial organisations operating in the UK with an annual turnover in excess of £36m to produce a 'slavery and human trafficking statement for each financial year of the organisation. Capri Healthcare is a micro organisation and our current turnover is under £35m, therefore this declaration is optional

Organisational Structure and Business

Capri Healthcare is an organisation driven by the vision of turning the NHS Digital-first strategy into reality by bringing Digital Innovation into the working of Healthcare Organisations We lead healthcare organisations into the Digital Era by redesigning and developing patient-centric online channels, reducing the NHS burden. We pride ourselves in offering a range of technology- driven innovative solutions to the healthcare industry driving your digital agenda. Scroll down to view our services.

Our approach to slavery and human trafficking

We are committed to tackling modern slavery within every part of our business and its supply chains. Our Anti-slavery statement, in combination with the establishment of effective policies, demonstrates our commitment to the issue of modern slavery and ensures that appropriate and coordinated action is taken throughout the business.

Due diligence

We have taken action to understand and address the risks of modern slavery within our operations, including:
• The development of robust processes around whistleblowing, grievance, disciplinary and bullying and harassment policies, to provide both staff, customerand patients with assurance that modern slavery concerns will be raised and dealt with appropriately
• Staff training and increasing awareness of modern slavery, on how to spot signs and raise complaints within the organisation, and monitoring the delivery of this training to staff
• Putting in place Strict standards for conduct in the workplace, mirroring the NHS code of conduct, as referenced within our staff handbook and code of conduct policy
• Ensuring inappropriate employment practices are avoided by adhering to our Illegal Working Prevention, DBS( where required), and Recruitment policies, to ensure identity checks, DBS, qualifications and references are in place
• Continued development of policies around safeguarding

Happy Clients


Currently operational in the Midlands, TriVice is utilised by over 1000 clinicians for patient referrals to Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital, a practice sustained for more than the past two years.
The launch of Trivice has been a tremendously exciting innovation in the way we conduct referrals from the ED. The app itself is easy to use and the clinical pathways are both intuitive to follow and have been meticulously prepared to ensure the safety and quality of the advice being returned. The secure image transfer ensures gold-standard clinical governance practice and greatly enhances the quality of communication between the two clinical teams. It is clear that TriVice should form part of our pledge to progress a digital culture within our Emergency Department and has the potential to eliminate time-consuming and dated referral practices, whilst ensuring high-quality care and communication between clinical teams is maintained.

BWC ED Clinical Lead

Birmingham Women's & Children's

Our Mission

We guide healthcare organisations into the Digital Era by redesigning and creating patient-centric online systems (Web & Mobile). Our focus is on alleviating the workload on staff and easing the burden on the NHS.

Our Vision

Capri Healthcare is an organization driven by the vision of turning NHS Digital first strategy into reality by bringing digital innovation into the working of NHS and private healthcare organisations.

Meet Our Team

Meet the dedicated professionals behind TriVice, each bringing a unique blend of expertise and passion to redefine healthcare solutions. Our team is committed to innovating the way clinicians and healthcare providers collaborate, ensuring smooth communication and efficient patient care. Get to know the faces driving the success of TriVice and helping shape the future of healthcare.

Our Team

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