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Emergency Care


TriVice provides a user-friendly solution for self-presenting patients. These individuals can take advantage of a self-registration feature, allowing them to input their information directly into the system. Additionally, TriVice incorporates risk-stratification through the use of MTS (Manchester Triage System) question sets. This process helps categorise patients based on the urgency of their condition, allowing for a more efficient and prioritised response in emergency care settings.

Features & Benefits

TriVice delivers critical features and benefits tailored to Emergency Care in England, designed to optimise and streamline urgent healthcare services. Here's an overview of what TriVice offers for Emergency Care:

Self-Registration for Patients: TriVice allows self-presenting patients to efficiently self-register, expediting the check-in process and ensuring quick access to emergency services.

Risk-Stratification with MTS Question Sets: Utilising Manchester Triage System (MTS) question sets, TriVice enables risk-stratification, categorising patients based on the urgency of their condition. This prioritisation ensures a more efficient and responsive emergency care workflow.

AI-Driven Triage: The platform employs artificial intelligence for advanced triaging, swiftly assessing patients' medical needs and directing them to the most appropriate level of emergency care, reducing unnecessary delays.

Direct Referrals to Emergency Services: TriVice facilitates direct referrals to emergency care services, eliminating the need for time-consuming phone calls to triage staff. This ensures prompt attention for critical cases.

Communication and Collaboration: TriVice fosters effective communication and collaboration among emergency care providers, ensuring uninterrupted coordination and quick decision-making in urgent situations.

Patient and Family Updates: The platform keeps patients and their families informed at every stage of the emergency care process, enhancing transparency and alleviating concerns during critical moments.

Time Efficiency and Reduced Wait Times: With AI-driven triaging and streamlined processes, TriVice contributes to reduced wait times, ensuring that patients receive timely and appropriate emergency care.

In summary, TriVice for Emergency Care introduces a set of features that prioritise swift and efficient responses to urgent medical needs. From self-registration to advanced triaging and direct referrals, the platform is designed to enhance the overall effectiveness and responsiveness of emergency healthcare services in England.

Emergency Care

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