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Primary Care


For Primary Care, TriVice facilitates an effortless experience for General Practitioners (GPs) by enabling them to submit referrals directly within the TPP/EMIS interface. This eliminates the need to switch screens or platforms, simplifying the referral process and enhancing workflow efficiency for GPs. With TriVice, GPs can seamlessly integrate referral submissions into their existing systems, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience within their familiar interface.

Features & Benefits

TriVice introduces a range of sophisticated features and advantages to Primary Care in England, enhancing the delivery of specialised healthcare services. Here's an overview of the offerings provided by TriVice in Primary Care:

Efficient Referral Processing: TriVice streamlines the referral process, allowing primary care providers, such as general practitioners (GPs), to efficiently refer patients to specialised services in secondary care. This ensures a smooth transition of patients to the appropriate level of care.

Rapid Triaging & Decision-Making: The platform facilitates rapid triaging and decision-making by providing tailored pathways based on the condition and urgency. This empowers primary care clinicians to make informed decisions about the most suitable course of action for their patients.

Integration with Primary Care Systems: TriVice harmoniously integrates with primary care systems, ensuring compatibility with electronic health records and minimising the need for duplicate data entry. This integration enhances workflow efficiency for primary care providers.

Safe Referrals & Clinical Guidance: TriVice supports primary care clinicians by providing reminders for including crucial clinical details in referrals. This promotes safe and comprehensive referral practices, ensuring that secondary care providers receive all necessary information for effective patient care.

Patient Engagement & Education: The platform can facilitate patient engagement and education at the primary care level. TriVice can provide educational resources and information to patients, empowering them to actively participate in their healthcare journey.

Administrative Task Guidance: TriVice goes beyond clinical aspects by offering guidance on administrative tasks related to referrals. This can include documentation and scheduling advice, further enhancing the efficiency of primary care processes.

In summary, TriVice serves as a valuable tool in the primary care setting by optimising the referral process, promoting rapid decision-making, and ensuring seamless communication with secondary care providers. By integrating with primary care systems and offering a range of supportive features, TriVice contributes to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of primary care services in England.

Primary Care

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