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About Us

What We Do

With TriVice, we leverage cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform healthcare by minimising unnecessary footfall and reducing reliance on specialist clinicians. Our clinician-to-clinician digital platform streamlines the referral process and enhances communication throughout the healthcare system.

Here’s what we do:

  1. Efficient Referral Processing:  Seamlessly guide routine referrals into predetermined care pathways, optimising workflows for prompt and tailored patient care.


  2. Feedback and Personalised Clinical Advice: Facilitate clinicians in exchanging feedback and personalised clinical advice, fostering collaboration and elevating patient care quality.


  3. Administrative Task Guidance: Beyond clinical aspects, TriVice offers guidance on administrative tasks, enhancing efficiency in healthcare processes.


  4. Multi-Platform Accessibility: Access TriVice through mobile and web applications, providing flexibility for professionals, administrators, and patients managing triaging information.


  5. Wide Coverage and Instant Communication: With 85% smartphone coverage in the UK, TriVice ensures instant and trackable message delivery—an ideal channel for timely triaging information and improved patient outcomes.

Discover the power of AI with TriVice as we streamline referrals, enhance communication efficiency, and contribute to a responsive and patient-centred healthcare system.

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Currently operational in the Midlands, TriVice is utilised by over 1000 clinicians for patient referrals to Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital, a practice sustained for more than the past two years.
The launch of Trivice has been a tremendously exciting innovation in the way we conduct referrals from the ED. The app itself is easy to use and the clinical pathways are both intuitive to follow and have been meticulously prepared to ensure the safety and quality of the advice being returned. The secure image transfer ensures gold-standard clinical governance practice and greatly enhances the quality of communication between the two clinical teams. It is clear that TriVice should form part of our pledge to progress a digital culture within our Emergency Department and has the potential to eliminate time-consuming and dated referral practices, whilst ensuring high-quality care and communication between clinical teams is maintained.

BWC ED Clinical Lead

Birmingham Women's & Children's

Our Mission

We guide healthcare organisations into the Digital Era by redesigning and creating patient-centric online systems (Web & Mobile). Our focus is on alleviating the workload on staff and easing the burden on the NHS.

Our Vision

Capri Healthcare is an organization driven by the vision of turning NHS Digital first strategy into reality by bringing digital innovation into the working of NHS and private healthcare organisations.

Meet Our Team

Meet the dedicated professionals behind TriVice, each bringing a unique blend of expertise and passion to redefine healthcare solutions. Our team is committed to innovating the way clinicians and healthcare providers collaborate, ensuring smooth communication and efficient patient care. Get to know the faces driving the success of TriVice and helping shape the future of healthcare.

Our Team

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