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About Us

What We Do

TriVice is a leading healthcare innovator that uses an advanced AI-powered platform to transform the healthcare referral process.. It enhances efficiency, reduces unnecessary referrals, and streamlines administrative operations, benefiting primary, secondary, and community care services. By integrating TriVice, healthcare providers can expect a significant shift towards more patient-centred care delivery that is streamlined and efficient.

Seamlessly guide routine referrals into predetermined care pathways, optimising workflows for prompt and tailored patient care.

Facilitate clinicians in exchanging feedback and personalised clinical advice, fostering collaboration and elevating patient care quality.

Beyond clinical aspects, TriVice offers guidance on administrative tasks, enhancing efficiency in healthcare processes.

Access TriVice through mobile and web applications, providing flexibility for professionals, administrators, and patients managing triaging information.

Leveraging the 85% smartphone penetration in the UK, TriVice ensures instantaneous and traceable message delivery, establishing itself as the quintessential platform for efficient triaging and enhancing patient outcomes. An ideal channel for timely triaging information and improved patient outcomes.

Discover the power of AI with TriVice as we streamline referrals, enhance communication efficiency, and contribute to a responsive and patient-centred healthcare system.

Our Vision

Our Vision

At Capri Healthcare we are driven by the vision of turning the NHS Digital first strategy into reality, by bringing digital innovation into the working of NHS and private healthcare organisations.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We guide healthcare organisations into the Digital Era by redesigning and creating patient-centric online systems (Web & Mobile). Our focus is on alleviating the workload on staff and easing the burden on the NHS.

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