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Revolutionising Healthcare: The Impact of TriVice on Referral Processes and Patient Care

TriVice has significantly enhanced healthcare sectors by revolutionising the referral process. Through its AI-powered platform, TriVice minimises avoidable referrals, reduces reliance on specialist clinicians, and streamlines routine pathways and administrative tasks.

By facilitating swift and secure communication between referring clinicians and specialist teams, TriVice ensures timely patient care, reduces waiting times, and improves overall documentation. Its impact extends across primary, secondary, and community care services, optimising workflow efficiency and fostering seamless collaboration among healthcare professionals.

During COVID, Birmingham Womens’ and Children’s Hospital NHS Trust saw A&E referrals drop by 83% after implementing TriVice. Since the coronavirus outbreak began, 35% of patients around Midlands with plastic, hand and upper limb injuries have been cared for safely at referring Trusts. On top of that, TriVice has made it possible for 70% of non-urgent referrals to be managed remotely.

In conclusion, TriVice stands as a testament to innovation in healthcare technology, driving tangible improvements in patient care and operational efficiency. Its success stories, such as the significant reduction in A&E referrals and the seamless management of non-urgent cases during the COVID era, underscore its transformative impact.

As TriVice continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of healthcare systems, it remains poised to revolutionise the referral process further, ultimately enhancing healthcare delivery for patients and clinicians alike.

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