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Capri Healthcare Celebrates Nomination for HTN Now Awards 2023/24

We are thrilled to announce that Capri Healthcare’s triaging solution, TriVice, has been nominated for the HTN Now Awards 2023/24 under the Innovation in Health and Care category. Hosted by Health Tech News, the awards recognise outstanding contributions in digital health teams, programmes, and innovations that have made a significant impact.

[Source: https://htn.co.uk/htn-now-awards-2023-24-innovation-in-health-and-care/]

Why TriVice?

TriVice, an AI-powered platform, has revolutionised healthcare referrals by introducing intelligent triaging and advice management. Designed to be interoperable with existing systems, TriVice minimises avoidable referrals, reducing the dependency on specialist clinicians while optimising routine pathways and administrative tasks.

Remarkable Outcomes

TriVice’s implementation led to remarkable time savings, reducing specialty referral and response times from an average of 70 minutes to just 10 minutes. This translated to 760.67 hours of clinical time saved in 18 months. Over 30 percent of referrals are now handled locally, alleviating pressure on staff and showcasing the solution’s efficiency.

HTN Now Awards 2024 Finalist BadgeLooking Ahead

Capri Healthcare Ltd hopes that TriVice sets a benchmark for efficiency, collaboration, and patient-centric innovation in healthcare.

The nomination for the HTN Now Awards underscores the transformative impact TriVice has had on healthcare referrals, and we are excited to continue our journey of innovation and excellence. Stay tuned for the award results, good luck to our fellow nominees and thank you for being part of our success!

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